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NYC DOT Pilot Project Uses PelletPAVE Rubber Modified Binder Additive

Phoenix Industries announced today the successful completion of a trial project with their PelletPAVEā„¢ pelletized rubber modified binder additive. Approximately 450 mix tons of the rubber modified hot mix asphalt was produced and placed on Staten Island for the New York City Department of Transportation(NYC DOT).

The PelletPAVE mix is one of three mixes placed during the project. The other two were a conventional mix section and a section produced with the wet process asphalt rubber. The NYC DOT will be monitoring how well each section performs during New York’s varying seasonal climate.

There a plenty of positives to rubberized asphalt,” Galileo Orlando, DOT deputy commissioner for Roadway Repair and Maintenance, said according to Staten Island Advance. At the department’s West Fingerboard demonstration on Thursday, he explained to Borough President James Oddo and Councilmembers Vincent Ignizio and Steven Matteo, “The rubberized asphalt should be more durable, quieter and offer environmental benefits.”

PelletPAVE is a high performance, engineered binder enhancer made of a unique blend of premium quality asphalt cement, crumb rubber made from recycled scrap tires and other special additives. These materials are blended in a proprietary process into a pelletized form for easy and economical storage, transportation and use. This convenient, all-in-one solution is an economical alternative to typical modified binders and field blended asphalt rubber.


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