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Road Repairs Utilizing 100% Recycled Material

Phoenix Industries has recently completed a 3 week pilot project demonstrating their model MP300 mobile pot hole repair unit utilizing hot mix produced with 100% recycled asphalt product (RAP). The repairs were performed on the NovaDutra toll road that links the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. This is one of the busiest highways in Brazil and caries approximately 60 percent of the country’s commercial truck traffic.

During the course of this project the road crew would mill and clean the area to be repaired. The millings (RAP) were then placed in the aggregate hopper of the MP300 where it was run through the mixing system and the material is heated and a rejuvenator is added. The finished hot mix is then placed and compacted back in the repair sections.


MP300 Patch Unit


The MP 300 mobile patch unit is a truck or trailer mounted, PLC controlled, self-contained unit supplied with a diesel generator, air compressor, heated tack tank, rejuvenator feeder and a complete aggregate feed, drying and mixing system. The rejuvenator used for this project was PelletPATCHâ„¢, a unique rubber modified binder material also produced by Phoenix Industries. PelletPATCH is a blend of high quality asphalt cement, rubber made from recycled waste tires and other special modifiers that are processed into an easy to use pelletized form that is stored and transported at ambient temperature until needed.


PelletPATCH - Brazil


Using PelletPATCH in the MP 300 let the road crew use the RAP removed from the repair section to produce a true, rubber modified hot mix material right at the road repair location in just the quantity needed. Approximately 50 tons of RAP mix was placed during this project.

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