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Phoenix Industries Expands Operation into the Brazilian Market

Phoenix Industries (PI), a leading manufacturer of equipment and technology for the asphalt industry has just announced the opening of a new branch in Brazil. This branch, named Eco-Phoenix, is located in Brazil’s largest city of Sao Paulo and will focus efforts to increase local sales and support service needs.

Frederico Bastos, Director of Sales for Eco-Phoenix, will be responsible for overseeing this initiative. Mr. Bastos has been with PI for over 4 years and is closely associated with development of the company’s PelletPATCHâ„¢ technology. PelletPATCH is a patented, high performance binder made of a unique blend of premium quality asphalt cement, crumb rubber made from recycled waste tires and other special additives that is produced in a unique pellet form. When PelletPATCH is used in some of the specialized pot hole repairing equipment manufactured by PI, it creates an extremely durable, long lasting road repair material.

Kelly Ray Sockwell, Technical Director for Phoenix Industries, said, “The strategic decision to open Eco-Phoenix, along with the recent deployment of one of our MP300 mobile pot hole patching trucks for doing on-site demos shows our strong commitment to continued growth and market leadership in Brazil."

Eco-Phoenix recently displayed their truck mounted, MP300 mobile pot hole repairing unit at the 8th International Exhibition of Products for Highways in Santos, where Mr. Sockwell gave a presentation on PelletPATCH technology and the asphalt rubber paving process to the Congress for Highways and Concessions.

By combining the unique properties of PelletPATCH material and the cutting edge technology of the MP300 mobile patch unit, Phoenix Industries has created a cost efficient solution to road repairs for municipalities, government agencies and maintenance contractors worldwide.  

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